SMLQC-2023: The 2nd International Symposium on Machine Learning in Quantum Chemistry

The second edition of the International Symposium on Machine Learning in Quantum Chemistry will be held in person in Uppsala from 29 Nov. to 1 Dec. 2023. More updates to follow on the Symposium website!

Following the success of the 1st International Symposium on Machine Learning in Quantum Chemistry (SMLQC-2021) held online on Nov. 12–14, 2021 and hosted in Xiamen, China, we are happy to announce that the the next edition will be held in Uppsala, Sweden. We thank its main organizer Prof. Roland Lindh for his generous offer to host SMLQC-2023. Updates will be posted on the Symposium website as well as on Facebook via group Machine learning in chemistry and on Twitter

The International Symposium on Machine Learning in Quantum Chemistry (SMLQC) 29/11 – 1/12, 2023, at Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden, will gather theoretical and computational chemists, who use machine learning to accelerate and improve quantum chemical simulations. The symbiosis between machine learning technology and quantum chemistry offer a new ground for novel and impressive leaps forward for computational chemistry – this is the place with the most interesting development potential over the next few years. The themes of the conference include, but will not be limited to, the development of new quantum chemical techniques improved by machine learning, development of new machine learning methods for describing potential energy surfaces and running molecular dynamics, and application of machine learning for description of various physicochemical processes. The organizing committee is pleased to welcome you to participate at the conference, share view with other researchers in the field, to relax and have fun, and to listen to the world leaders in this expanding field of research presenting their recent accomplishments.

You are very welcome!
On behalf of the organizing committee,
Roland Lindh

Organising committee:

Pavlo Dral, Xiamen University, China
Chao Zhang, Uppsala University, Sweden
Ignacio F. Galván, Uppsala University, Sweden
Roland Lindh, Uppsala University, Sweden

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