The International Symposium on Machine Learning in Quantum Chemistry 2021 (SMLQC-2021)

Nov. 12–14, 2021, online, hosted in Xiamen, China

The International Symposium on Machine Learning in Quantum Chemistry (SMLQC) has gathered the theoretical and computational chemists, who use machine learning to accelerate and improve quantum chemical simulations. The topics of the conference included, but were not be limited to, the development of new quantum chemical techniques improved by machine learning, development of new machine learning methods for describing potential energy surfaces and running molecular dynamics, and application of machine learning for description of various physicochemical processes.

SMLQC was a virtual symposium. It was planned to be held at Xiamen University in person in 2020 and preparation to it started in 2019, but due to the severe pandemic situation, we had to first postpone it and finally mad it fully online. We provided participants with environment facilitating the interaction with each other as in a “real” in-person symposium. We organized poster sessions and networking activities such as virtual meeting lobby for spontaneous chats, breakout rooms for lively discussions with speakers, chats over coffee breaks, private rooms, etc. (check out the schedule).

The symposium was organized and supported by the State Key Laboratory of Physical Chemistry of Solid Surfaces (PCOSS), Fujian Provincial Key Laboratory of Theoretical and Computational Chemistry (FTCC), and College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering at Xiamen University, China.

Invited Speakers

We were pleased to host many leading experts giving talks on how machine learning helps us in quantum chemical research. See the schedule below.

Video on koushare:

Video on koushare:

Video on koushare:

Symposium Schedule

The schedule with breaks for discussions and networking activities (all times are for Beijing time zone):

Nov. 12: Invited talks (9:00–18:00), poster session (20:00–23:00).

Nov. 13: Poster session (6:30–8:30), invited talks (9:00–17:30) with lunch and coffee breaks.

Nov. 14: Invited talks (9:00–12:00).

Organizing Committee